30 DAY NEW YEAR Fitness Challenge (Please print handout here 30 Day Fitness)
“The Secret to Getting Ahead is to Getting Started” ~Mark Twain
Starting February 1, 2014, this will be the beginning our our New Year Fitness challenge! Many people saw how absolutely wonderful the “PALEO” potluck food was. We found you can eat healthy along with it tasting amazing! We will have handouts for nutrition guidelines. Encouragement to get in 3-4 days a week to WOD. And Partner Accountability.
It will incorporate, 4 components for scoring
1) Inches lost in hips and tummy
2) Strength gained in two lifts by the Wilk’s Coefficient factor
3) Lbs lost
4) Score on a Conditioning WOD
There will be a WOD day, and a weigh-in/measure day.
Beginning February 1st and End day of March 2nd. What does it take to become a healthier, stronger, better you? JCCF. There will be prizes, but the best prize of all is your health. Pay attention to how you feel, how you sleep, how you WOD! Cheers to 2014 and being the best yet.
ADDED BONUS! ONRAMPERS OF FEBRUARY – YOU WILL ALSO BE INVITED TO BE PART OF THIS CHALLENGE, with Prizes to win and find the better, faster, stronger, version of you!