Everyone is invited to participate! Have you found yourself having setbacks in the care free summer life?! Have you eaten one two many icecream cones, cinnamon rolls, or partaken in one too many ice cold beverages?
We are here to support you and strife in this battle together! It’s easier to start a fitness regimand when you have someone there to support you and know how hard it is to eat clean and train hard when so many in your surroundings are working the other way.
Beginning July 14, 2014, we will be starting an 8 Week program. It is longer than a 30 day challenge because we hope that from the things you learn in this program, you can carry through into your lifestyle and know that things like this give you quality life, lesser medical bills, and best of all make you feel great! Become a better spouse, parent, employee, person!
Beginning July 14, 2014 and Ending September 5, 2014. This happens to be right before a CrossFit competition held in Columbia, MO by our friends CrossFit Fringe on September 6, 2014.  How about making a goal for your first ever CF competition?! Or doing another?!
This is a $5 Cash Buy in as before. There will be prizes for top 3 winners. And the best prize of all will be the hard work you put in to make the gains in your life! The only way is up!
The three components measured in this challenge:
1) Inches measured and lost in waist and widest area of hips.
2 ) Strength gained by Wilkes coefficient of two weightlifting movements (in the daily classes on July 14)
3) And conditioning WOD (in the daily classes on July 14)
* How do you excel in this challenge? Eat meat, vegetables, healthy fats, over 6 small meals a day. Limit dairy and processed sugar. Drink H2O like your job. Mobilize after workouts. And show up 3-4 times a week. There will be HANDOUTS at the box!
Lets take care of some business JCCF Nation, and do what we do best. WORK HARD. To infinity and beyond.