The Brand new open season is upon us, and we are bringing back the Friday Night Lights Edition of JCCF!


If you are new to CrossFit, the CrossFit Open is a 5 Week Challenge consisting of 1 workout each week that allows athletes to see where they stack up in relation to the rest of the world. It’s like a benchmark workout every single week.  Each WOD has it’s own test and feel, just like our workouts of the week. The workouts will be released every Thursday evening during the 5 weeks, and you can watch the live announcement of the workouts streaming on the CrossFit Games Website.

After the workout is released, any athlete who has registered for the Open will have until 5pm PT on the following Monday to submit their score online at Jake Holee is affiliate manager and he will periodically go into the games website under our registered gym, and validate your score in order for them to show up on the Games Open leaderboard online.

Why do we do this competition at JCCF? Just like CrossFit, it’s a great test for everyone’s skills and fitness. It can empower you and keep you motivated through the months of October and November to keep your fitness on track. Have you have ever found yourself making a goal, and because of that goal you have a tendency to put your best foot forward in your fitness and nutrition. It will then allow you to make further goals and in most cases push you to a new PR!! And who doesn’t want to throw down with the best fitness community in JC!!


Yes, the workouts are tough, but so are all the one’s we do day in and out at the box. And they are written so that any and every CrossFitter can be successful. There are even age level and occupation divisions that you can compare to others in your same field or age. What does that mean? Well, there is no excuse not to participate. It’s an inspiring fun way to bond with our community on Friday Nights! And we program the OPEN Wod on Friday’s any way you so might as well!


Each year the Open makes me nervous. And I am arriving at my 9th CrossFit Open Participation. That’s right! NINE and each year, I get excited and nervous do it all over again! I think Jake is in his 8th year of doing it! The spirt of the CF Open is unreal. You have the support of the coaches and the fellow athletes, with no judgment or worrying about being embarrassed. You will surprise yourself in more ways than you thought possible..

It also allows me to hold myself accountable on reps, range of motion, and movement standard. I know I can always be better at movement, so what a great challenge.

As the first Friday Night Lights approach, October 11, I will give more details of the evening structure just to give you an idea of the flow.

All right, so who is ready to register?!