Jen came to visit us well over a year ago, with her boyfriend, Kevin. She said they worked together, lived together, they better start working out together! They signed up as a couple and there was no holding back! Now able to do strict pullups and always, putting a smile onto peoples faces. She has talked several friends to try a free class out. As of late, one of her previous bosses came in with her. And we both agreed, where ever she goes, she brings joy and life to that community.  We have seen her and Kevin get engaged and recently get married. As of most recent, she brought in some phenomenol Chocolate peanut butter protein bars, and they were delicious! Thank you Jen for being a part of our community!


JCCF Nation Wedding Shower

Strong is Beautiful!


Name:Jennifer McKim
Age: 29
Family: Kevin McKim, husband, Dogs, Indy and Ellie
How long have you been CrossFitting?:1 year and a few months
What is your greatest accomplishment at the box?: doubleunders
What is one of your favorite memories at the box?: Kevin wearing my workout clothes on Halloween. (I think this is one of everyone’s favorite memories at the box!)
Favorite weightlifting movement and Why?: snatch cause it’s difficult and I like it

Deadlift or Power Clean and Why?: dead lift. Makes my butt look good
Wall balls or Burpees and Why?:  neither they are both evil
Favorite Shoes to work out in: my Merrell waiting for my Reebok 4.0 they will be when I get them!

If you could give any advice for a person new to CrossFit, what would it be?: don’t give up! You will be sore and it is hard but you will feel amazing after you’re done!
Goals in the future with your CrossFit adventure: I want to be able to do a muscle up so bad and have abs!

What is your favorite WOD? Murph
What is your favorite Mobility? Bear crawls
What is one thing that people who know you, may not “know” about you? I love being out in the country enjoying wildlife
Favorite past time outside of CrossFit: there’s something other than crossfit???
Favorite Food: bacon

Favorite Beverage:coffee and water
Favorite Quote:stronger than yesterday
Additional Comments: I stick with crossfit because of how I feel when I am done and the amazing community! I really feel like we are our own little weird family!