This absolutely beautiful woman inside and out has recently celebrated an anniversary with CrossFit. In that time she has won two consecutive Fitness Challenges at JCCF! That in itself should tell you a lot about her dedication at JCCF! Meet our very own Sheila Rustemeyer!

Name: Sheila Rustemeyer
Age: 32
Family: Erin Eggen (sister) (and younger brother, mom and dad)
When and how did you get started with us?  —  My on-ramp was June 2017. I’d talked to Erin about cf some, but thought I would have to get in better shape in order to start- then never actually tried to get in shape. I finally decided I was tired of feeling incapable of things I’d done in high school, and wanted to also be able to play with my niece more.
What time do you come to WOD normally? 630
Favorite Lift: back squat- I think I’m almost getting to my high school squat weights! 😉
Favorite Workout: short and fast- I’ve finally (I think) gotten to  where I can push through and catch my breath after.
Least Favorite Workout: anything with running over 200 😉
Favorite Meal: mom’s speghetti
Favorite Beverage: water is my new best friend. But Dr. Pepper before that. 😉
Funniest memory at the box: working out with Andrea usually leads to the fun and at times inappropriate memories! Too numerous to count!
What class time do you usually attend and what is the favorite part about that class? 6:30 or 6- I get off work at 5:30 so unless I’m off for the day it’s the only time that works. I’m more of an introvert so I enjoy the fewer people at 6:30!
What is the wallpaper on your phone right now? A cool sunset picture I took this spring.
What is your favorite JCCF Tradition/Community Event? I really enjoyed the self defense at herron bjj!!
What is your favorite candy bar? Snickers.
If you won $10,000 Dollars what would be your first purchase?- I would likely put it into a market account to add to a down payment. I’m blessed right now. 🙂
What are top 3 things you have learned over your last year here?
1) I’ve learned (for the most part) to work hard at what I can do and try to always be pushing myself rather than looking at what others are doing and how much I’m not able to do that. I’m amazed at how much of what we do is mental, not physical!
2) through both exercise and books on emotional intelligence I feel like I’ve grown a lot and see the same feelings I have in others at times.
3) I’ve gotten a little better at dropping under the bar!
If you could give any advice for a person new to CrossFit, what would it be?:
It’s said a lot at the box, but you really can only compare yourself to where you were before, not everyone else. You have to make up your mind to 1) go and 2) give all you’re able to that day.
Please list two future goals. 6 months and One year.
6mon- I still want to work on double unders!
1y- I enjoyed the whole30 challenge since it really made me realize what I was eating. I want to continue the healthier diet and lose more weight.
Favorite Quote: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
Anything else you would like to share?
When one of our clients isn’t nice my boss will present the situation to us in this way: you never know what’s going on in that person’s life- what if they just had a relative die, or are worried about finances because they lost their job and haven’t picked up the pieces yet?
This has helped our team more than anything because I may react poorly when I’m not at 100%, and they may just be having a bad day. Try to be the 1 person that has smiled and truly talked to that person today. Mean it when you ask how they’re doing- listen to the answer.