Congratulations to Carla Kessell, announcing our December MVP at Jefferson City CrossFit! We can’t believe how long it has been since you first started. You can do pullups, handstands, and even row with one foot and a skateboard now. Love the history. We remember your first OnRamp, and how Tiff wouldn’t smile…ever. Haha. Thank goodness she finally warmed up to us. 😉 You are determined and inspire. Keep it up. Thank you for being a part of our community!

Carla Kessell

41 (gulp)

Tiff, my partner, Ria, 15 y/o, Chris 13y/o,  and Nina, 12 y/o, are our kids. And Juno and Oliver.

Tiff and I have been CrossFitting for over a year.  Our 1 year anniversary was in August.  Nina has been CrossFitting for consistently for a year now and Ria and Chris do the teen class when they are in between their sports seasons.

I love my 9 AM class.  It’s usually a smaller class that just has its own “flavor”…much to Coach Natalie’s chagrin.

I wanted to start CrossFit, but Tiff wasn’t sold on the idea.  We were laying on the beach in Barbados and I received a Groupon for Jefferson City Crossfit.  I talked Tiff into trying it, but I didn’t tell her we would be doing a double On ramp class because we missed the initial class while we were on vacation…needless to say 150 wall balls later and Tiff was ready to kill me!  We came back though and continue to love it.

I stick with it because it’s an accomplishment every time I finish a WOD and I feel like I can accomplish anything.  I remember the first time trying to climb the rope and it seemed impossible, now it’s one of my favorite things to do at the box.  My journey has had a couple of minor bumps along the way.. for starters I have never been a fan of Dodge Ball..hard to believe I know!!  But on Valentines Day, 9 AM,  I took my oldest daughter, Ria, with me, hoping she would get the cross fit fever.  Instead I broke my foot during the warm up playing…DODGEBALL!  I then drove myself to Target to get Valentines presents, the grocery store to make a Valentines dinner,  then to the Dr at noon because it was a Friday (and Tiff made me). I was so sad because I felt like I had worked so hard to build up endurance, stamina and strength.  The doctor said no driving for 6 weeks..but she didn’t say anything about CrossFit! So With the help of all of the coaches I was able to continue to do the workouts with modified movements.  Who needs to drive?!


Advice for a new person: stick with it.  There will be days you are so sore you will make the most anguished yelp every time you sit down and stand up..that means its working!  There will be some WODS you hate and some WODs you love but the goal is just to complete it. For me and my path, it’s not always about a PR, it’s about finishing strong and consistently.  My everyday well-being and health are my PR, but most importantly teaching my kids to take care of their bodies and health.  It’s a process, for your whole life.