Introducing our very own Sarah! Many know her. Everyone loves her. And most will never forget her. Why because she is the definition of “being present.” She makes you smile when you need it. She puts in the hard work to see results. And most of all she is kind. I still remember coaching her in her first Free buddy class. I knew right then and there this woman was a force to be reckoned with. Introducing Sarah Hyman. Nurse Practioner by day. Super woman by night.

Age 49

Family; Jeff is the hubs plus Erich, Greg, Nick and Olivia, the offspring x 4.

When and Why I started; I was dragged to JCCF by Eric and Liz Volmer in March 2016. They thought I would love the challenge.

How long have you been CF; Since March 2016, so almost 2 years.

Time to WOD; Usually 4:30 or 5:30 in the evenings. I came to 5 AM ….once.

Favorite Lift; Back Squats, to get that booty poppin’ !!

Favorite Workout; FRAN. I keep getting better and better at her

Least favorite workout; That B**** Kelly !!

Favorite Meal; I love me some Mexican food, and Arris Pizza.

Favorite Beverage; Most people have blood that runs in their veins, but I got Diet Dr Pepper

Funniest Memory; Wow. I have so much fun, and laughter at the box. The most fun for me was during the Open when I got my very first unassisted pullups and the entire gym was cheering for me to get one more !! I was thrilled.

Class time and favorite part; Evenings, 4:30 or 5. I love the people I get to workout with on a consistent basis in the evenings. The people at JCCF are always the answer !!

Wallpaper on my phone; My family

Favorite JCCF event; I had a great time at the Gala this year. It was my first Gala event and it was awesome. Everyone looked so sexy !!

Favorite Candy Bar; Snickers.

If I won 10,000 dollars I would purchase …  bigger boobs !! No, I would probably take my entire family on a trip to Europe, which is a life long dream for my Mom.

If I could be any animal in the world …I would be a lioness. Strong, fierce and in charge.

Tell us about your journey, greatest accomplishments and first competition; My journey in fitness started in 2012, when I decided I was tired of being tired and overweight. I tipped the scales at 305 pounds the day I decided to change my life. I started eating healthy whole foods and walking. Not walking far, because I couldn’t. I lost 100 pound in 2012 and another 50 pounds in 2013. And I have kept the weight off for 4 years. At almost 50, I feel better than I have in many years. My first CF competition was the Crossfit Unstoppable WODFEST with JZ. It was so fun because I just showed up to do my best and have a good time. There were so many teams from JCCF, and we had nothing but fun all day. The amount of cheering for everyone was so inspiring. I loved it.

Advice for a new person would be you will feel scared, and anxious looking at that white board but just do it. Do your best to beat yourself, not anyone else, every time you show up. You are only in competition with you.

Future Goals; in 6 months I want to be able to link my T2B 10 times. In one year I want to hit 100 pound Snatch just one time.

Favorite Quote; It is up to you to see the beauty in everyday things and Being happy is a very personal thing and has nothing to do with anyone else

Anything Else…. I am so happy to be part of the JCCF community. I love the trainers, the people I work out with and the things I have accomplished. I am also thrilled that my Olivia is loving Crossfit Teen, and is learning the importance of health and wellness at her young age. Thanks to everyone, for everything.

Thank you Sarah for being a part of our JCCF Community!