“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Katie Horstman has been planting seeds of inspiration since she started with JCCF over a year ago.

I still remember the first class she tried out with some friends and then following up with signing up with her husband. The looks of determination and strength started early on in OnRamp. She is always smiling (unless she is mid PRing her bench press) and a true inspiration to everyone around her as a person, woman, and mother.

We are grateful beyond measure to have her as part of our community!

Meet Katie!

Name: Katie Horstman
Age: 29
Family: Married to my wonderful husband, Wade Horstman, and we have a spunky fun loving daughter named Faith Horstman who is three years old.
How long have you been CrossFitting?: 1 year and 3 months
What time do you come to WOD normally? noon
Favorite Lift: Back Squat
Favorite Met Con/Cardio: Running
Favorite Gymnastic/Body weight Movement: Pull Ups/T2B

Favorite Shoe to WOD in: Nike Met Cons

Favorite Meal: T-Bone steak!

Favorite Beverage: Chia Tea Latte

Funniest memory at the box: I don’t know that I have just one specific memory, but I believe every noon class with Zack Lauf in it is sure to be funny!

Tell us some about your journey, greatest accomplishments. Like what was your reason for starting, why you stuck with it? Tell us some of your greatest accomplishments at the box:

My greatest accomplishment has been getting a bar muscle up and finally being able to do more than 10 double unders at a time! I have worked out a majority of my life on and off, but CrossFit is one thing that I have stayed committed to and actually LOVE doing! I love the structure, class design, trainers and the people who do crossfit at the gym. That would be one of the main reasons why I have stuck with it.

What was it like experiencing your first CrossFit Competition? Intense! I enjoyed every second of it, but I must say my nerves were going the majority of the time and I didn’t realize how long the competitions last. I look forward to doing more though.

If you could give any advice for a person new to CrossFit, what would it be?: It can be overwhelming at first, especially learning all the new movements, but if you give it time and commitment along with some practice you will do amazing things. I am doing things that I would never have imagined I could do, like pull ups, bar muscle ups, and double unders. It’s an exciting ride and I look forward to seeing what else I can accomplish!

Please list two future goals. 6 months and One year:2-4 muscle ups in a row, 2-3 strict pull ups.

Favorite Quote: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson