“Don’t give up because you had a bad day. Forgive yourself and do better tomorrow!”

She showed up one day very nervous, but extremely ready to get back into her fitness journey. Celebrating one year with Jefferson City CrossFit. Meet our very own, barbell slinging, double under roping, beautiful and strong, Jackie Rush.

Name: Jackie Rush
Age: 43
Family: married, husband Aaron 2 kids, Brady-15. Jenna-8
Occupation: Registered nurse
When and how did you get started with us? June 2019, spoke with Jill West about it at a baseball game.
Favorite Lift: front and back squats
Favorite Workout: I like them all but do like the ones with wall balls. 
Favorite Meal: healthy- salmon and asparagus, unhealthy- pizza! 
Favorite Beverage: Healthy-that O2 water is really good, unhealthy-gin and tonic
Funniest memory at the box:
Jincy V getting her groove on to old school tunes!
What class time do you usually attend and what is the favorite part about that class? 5:30 pm – the people in it and the instructors😊 I never feel intimidated.

What is one thing that most people do not know about you? I have a sister that has won masters CrossFit competitions for her snatch lift. ( We can’t wait to meet her!)

Tell us some about your journey, greatest accomplishments.  Starting out was the hardest but I really enjoy this box. The trainers are great at making sure you are safe with movements, so far, greatest accomplishment is getting a few double unders.

If you could give any advice for a person new to CrossFit, what would it be?:  It may look hard and it is, but ANYONE can do it!

Please list two future goals. 6 months—run more. and One year:  be able to do more than 2-3 double unders at a time. 

Jackie’s favorite quote: “Don’t give up because you had a bad day. Forgive yourself and do better tomorrow!”