Meet Jill West!! The March 2016 MVP at Jefferson City CrossFit. She is beyond deserving of this title, and we are full of gratitude having people like her and her husband, Doug, and her family as part of our community. I still remember the first day they showed up to watch the Saturday class. All smiles and full of intention. They had a game plan. That was apparent.

What Jill failed to mention in this entire interview is that recently her and her husband signed up for the 8 week Fitness challenge. We assigned accountability partners. She was an accountability partner to our very own Ruth Tucker. Let’s just say if you want some positive motivation on your side, you are winning with Jill having your back. And that is just what happened. Ruth won the challenge!!! Feats of strength, conditioning, and physical growth! They showed up all week together. And every Saturday morning. Taking pictures and helping each other out.

Jill West, you are a staple in our community. Take some note. Leading by example is one of the most powerful tools for success!

Without Further ado….

Name: Jill West

Occupation: I have been blessed to be a housewife for the last 11 years.

Age: 41

Family: My wonderful husband, Doug, and I have four children. Our daughter, Jordyn, and three sons, Reece, Gage and Jace.  I can proudly say we all active in CrossFit.

How long have you been CrossFitting? 8 months

What time do you come to WOD normally? Monday and Tuesdays 6:30, Wednesdays 9:00, Fridays 5:00 and Saturdays at 9:00.  I’m a pretty scheduled person.

Favorite lift: Well I love the snatch and overhead squat because they are just cool looking lifts and I enjoy doing them. I haven’t mastered either, but I am working hard to get better.

Favorite Met Con/Cardio:   Rowing….I love to Row!

Favorite Gymnastic/Body Weight Movement: Pullups or toes to bar

Most recent PR: My back squat at #125. This was big for me because I have struggled with my BS from the start due to flexibility. I was stuck at #65 forever.  However, through the patience and great tips from our coaches it’s finally clicking.

Favorite Shoe to WOD in: Nano 5

Favorite Meal: If it’s my cheat meal…I would say Fuji’s Hibachi Chicken.

Favorite Beverage: My Fruit Punch Spark in the morning. I don’t drink coffee so my Spark gets me going in the morning.  Other than that, water.

Funniest memory at the box: Well every 6:30 class is pretty comical with Chad, Bryan and Cameron there.  We work hard, but boy do we laugh!

My husband, Doug, and I were typical busy parents who made every excuse not to work out or eat right. In November, 2012 we had had enough.  We were tired all the time, out of breath walking up stairs and our waistlines were ever expanding.  We decided to start going to the YMCA to do cardio.  After about three or four months we started working out at home to P90x and Insanity.  This was great for a while and we saw some results, but over time we grew board doing the same thing day after day.  We entertained the idea of CF, but thought we were too old and too unfit to ever do it.  I even emailed Maria in 2014, but we chickened out.  Due to boredom we saw weight creep back on.  Finally, in June of 2015 Doug said let’s go for it and so I emailed again.  We came to a Saturday class and everyone was so nice and took the time to reassure us that we could do this!  We started in July.  I can honestly say it was the best decision ever.  In the eight months, I have made some amazing friends, gotten into the best shape of my life, gained confidence and have never once gotten bored at JCCF!

I keep coming back because I love doing CF with my husband. I also love the coaches and members of JCCF. I have never been a part of such a wonderful group of people.  I think Doug said it best, “We are all pulling in the same direction….to be better”.  Every single coach truly loves the sport of CF and it shows in how they are all eager to help you learn.  They want you to be better as much as you do yourself.  I cannot say enough about the coaches. Each and every coach has helped me in some way and have never given up on me and for that I will always be grateful.  And then there are the members of JCCF who are equally as awesome.  They push you, cheer for you, congratulate you…’s just a great community at JCCF!

My advice to new members is just to show up and go for it! You CAN DO IT!!  Once you get there you will be so glad you did!  Also, be patience and ask questions.  Be patience because it does take time to learn the CF lingo and the moves.  However, you’ll have plenty of support from the coaches and members.  And, ask questions because that how you’ll learn. If you are consistent there is no way you will fail because at JCCF there is so much support and help you can’t fail if you do your part!

Future Goals: I want to be able to drop under the bar in the squat clean and snatch more fluently, master the DU, and continue to eat a clean diet.

“It’s easier to lay your head down at night knowing you were kind to everyone you encountered that day”.
My Parents