Introducing Mike Backes, Jefferson City CrossFit, March 2014 MVP! Mike shows up and has played such a great role in our community. Mike would receive the most gold stars for being mentioned by other members. I can’t count the number of times, his name has been mentioned by others as being the most inspiring person of the day. He is usually pretty quiet, but always gets geared up for a WOD. As he began his workout yesterday, the 7 min AMRAP of sprint Rows and heavy deadlifts, he high fives the guy next to him and, both say LET’s DO THIS! Epic, every single day. So, here is a little more about our 6′ 5″ quiet barefoot soldier.

Name:   Mike Backes           
Age:  44
Family:  wife Kim,  boys  Clayton(15),  Justin(11)

How long have you been CrossFitting?: 32 weeks

What is your greatest accomplishment? 9 burpees in 5 minutes, (greatest because it was the first step in the crossfit journey)

How many inches or weight have you lost since starting CrossFit?  50 lbs and 5in       

Favorite weightlifting movement and Why? Strict Press,   it only involves arm/shoulder strength     

Deadlift or Power Clean and Why?  Deadlift  because only have to lift the weight 3 feet instead of 6. (3Ft is his deadlift, and is Coach Natalie and Coach Maria’s Clean)

Overhead Squat or Back Squat and Why? Overhead, it  takes more balance and coordination. (Mike has an exceptional overhead squat)

Wall balls or Burpees and Why?  Burpees  because they require more effort to get off the floor

Favorite Shoes to work out in?  None, that’s right, barefoot lifting FTW.

Favorite Music to listen to?    Pretty much Anything or anything that irritates Clayton.  Or whatever he likes so that it can immediately become uncool.

Most recent PR at the box?  150 lb 5rm push press

If you could give any advice for a person new to CrossFit, what would it be? Just keep going and do what you can do.  Everybody here  had to start somewhere, and they all know that just showing up is sometimes the biggest challenge.

1 year goal in the future with your CrossFit adventure?  To keep going,  lose another 50, maybe do a real pullup or link double unders.
What is one thing that people who know you, may not “know” about you? I like watching old black and white  tv westerns,  ie  Marshal Dillon(gunsmoke)

Favorite past time outside of CrossFit: coaching basketball/baseball,  Working the clock/scoreboard at High school  football/basketball games.                           

Favorite Food:  Fried Shrimp, or a nice Steak,  cookies in the middle of the night.                  

Favorite Beverage: Soda pop(dt. Mt dew)(boo I know),  or chocolate milk with the cookies in the middle of the night.

Do you have a favorite memory at the box? 9 burpees in 5 minutes(Clayton wont let me forget it), 

Favorite Quote: ‘Things work out the way they should,  not necessarily  how we want them to’