Announcing our very own Frank Burkhead! Wealth Manager by day and professional CrossFitter by night! We have been a very blessed community to have Frank with us. He always has a positive outlook. And not that long ago, he gave me a good reminder, to be very grateful for every day that you have whether it a hard day at work or at home. Because one day it could be gone. His answer to being nominated the JCCF MVP was, “There are so many awesome people here, you could have picked them, not me.” And that is just one of the reasons why humble Frank gets MVP for November.

We are going to hold him to being more regular in his days to get to the gym. You can count on it!  Congratulations and thank you for being a part of our JCCF community!



Name: Frank Burkhead

Age: 42

Family: Carol Burkhead, Spouse, Taylor Burkhead (Daughter, 14), Alex (Son 12)

How long have you been Cross-Fitting?: 14 Months

What is your greatest accomplishment at the box?: Winning a challenge early on last year.  It’s amazing what my body can do and look like if I just stick to a plan.

Do you have a favorite memory at the box?: Watching our fellow Leaders (and the excitement) take charge in the move to the new facility.  “If you build it, they will come”

Favorite weightlifting movement and Why?:  Power Cleans.  Multiple muscle movements all in one.

What is your favorite bodyweight movement and why? Wall Balls.  Feel like I’ve accomplished great things when done.

What is your greatest strength at the box?  Won’t stop, Never stop.  It’s 90% mental.

Squats or Pullups and Why?:  Pull-ups, no doubt.  At my age……squats just hurt Double Unders or Burpees and Why?: Burpees, DUs are still a mystery to be solved.

Running or Rowing and Why? Both are equally as great!!  Running is great for legs, but rowing is great on the upper body as well.  Give me both and I’d love the workout.

What is a one month goal and a one year goal for you in your CrossFit adventure?  It’s easy to let everything outside take over your time.  For me it’s to be a regular attender no matter what.

Favorite Shoes to work out in: Everyone is different as far as fit, but Brooks fit best on my narrow foot. If you could give any advice for a person new to CrossFit, what would it be?: Push through the pain,  the rewards are just on the other side.

What is one thing that people who know you, may not “know” about you?  Believe it or not, I did a few Triathlons in the day. Swim, Bike, Run

Favorite past time outside of CrossFit: Watching Football

Favorite Food:  Anything!!  That’s my downfall. Stone Crab, any pasta, and Extreme Chocolate Ice Cream from Central Diary!!

Favorite Beverage:  Smithwicks, Irish Beer

Favorite Quote: “ Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” ,   Vince Lombardi

What 42 year old can do this?!