Chelsey Nelson - April MVP

Introducing JCCF’s April MVP: Our very own sweet Chelsey. Don’t let her innocent smile trick you. She puts heart and soul to every workout and we are very proud to have this inspiring young athlete as part of our JCCF family! Pull ups and double unders are not far away in your future!

Name: Chelsey Nelson

Age: 23

Occupation: Clerk Typist with Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop F

Family/Children/Siblings and Ages: Parents – Russ and Pam Nelson; Siblings  – Haley (28) and brother-in-law – Michael Schildknecht (28)

Favorite CrossFit Weight lift or Movement: Push Press

Favorite WOD: Angie – it was the first WOD I EVER did when I was first told about CrossFit. It’s the basics…TIMES 10! I’ve come a long ways since doing that on my own – almost cut my time in half!

Why do you CrossFit: To challenge and improve myself so if I am ever faced with a challenge, it’s never a question of “IF” I can overcome it, but simply “How?” (LOVE THIS!)

Two CF Goals: Unassisted pull-ups and doubleunders

What would you say to a newcomer showing up to try their first WOD?: Educate yourself. Ask questions. And no matter how hard it is to shut up your pride, stop looking at the person next to you – compete on your level, not theirs. (I’m constantly trying to remind myself of this!)

Favorite CrossFit shoes: I’ve currently been rocking some Nike Flex Trainers, but I’m keeping my eye out for something better.

Clean and Jerk or Back Squat? Why?: Back squat. Even though I’m still trying to stay in my heels with the squat, I feel I have a better grasp on it than the clean and jerk.

Pullups or Pushups? Why?: Pullups.  Pullups are so stereotypically labeled as a man thing, that to me it’s so awesome for a woman to be able to pull her weight up too.  Shows a ton of dedication and work was put in to get to that level.

Favorite CrossFit saying/or abbreviation and why?: “Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.”  Basically, “Better than yesterday!”  I love the idea it’s you against you.  You’re here to improve yourself, push your limits, and be a better version of you.

What is one thing a person that knows you may not “know” about you?: I graduated high school as valedictorian, and I attained my bachelor’s degree with Summa Cum Laude honors.

Favorite beverage: H20 – At least a gallon a day. (drinking water like it’s her job 😉

Favorite meal: Big juicy medium steak with steamed asparagus.

Name a person, famous or not, who inspires you: Christine McIntyre – She is a figure competitor and a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper.  Through her story, I’ve learned to keep pushing myself and one day I’ll be at a level I’m proud of.