Happy 2017 Solar Eclipse Day! Regular Class Schedule

Work up to Max Effort Set @105% of your 5 Rep max

"Ring Work" – the intention today is for all athletes to get their hands on and get comfortable… or a bit uncomfortable while getting work done on rings. In CrossFit workouts vary by degree not kind. Enjoy! Weaknesses remain weakness if you don't put in the work. Practice enables consistency.
Consistency is smoothe. Smoothe is fast.
Option 1- 10 Min EMOM 2 RING MU
 *warm up by going through one set of each movement below
Option 2
1) 3×8 False Grip on Rings or grip on the rig, hollow to superman 
2) 3×8 Hips Thrusters – feet on 12"box. Scale would be lay flat ring rows.
3) 3×8 Ring Turnovers on low rings or 3×8 Ring dips
-rest at least one minute between sets