Test week is upon us! How should I find my 1Rep max. A few general guidelines to help one find a 1rm. Proper warm up to get blood flowing and mobility ready for the movemet. Then dynamic movement warm up.
Have a reasonable PR max in mind. If you have a previous one you should have an identifiable number to reach. Warm up with barbell always.
Simple rep scheme for those finding a 1 rep for the first time: 8reps (30 to 50%) 5reps, (60%) 3reps (70%), 1rep (80%), 1rep (90%), 1 (100%).
Do not excede 1 rep when you reach 80% of goal.
Common misconeption is when you get closer to your one rep is to not make bigger jumps than previous reps. Ex. Jump from 145 to 155 to trying a pr attempt at 175.
Have fun. Always remember where you started. Be proud of your PRs. We work out to workout another day! To infinity and beyond.

1RM Back squat
50 DU
200 M Run with plate 25/15
20 Mountain Climbers