Congratulations Chad!  I still remember meeting you back at the “baby” box! You pointed at Jake and Sam, and said I want to look like them…I do believe you are looking great and the hard work shows it!  You were such a great support in helping us with sponsors during the most recent Capital City Throwdown in April 2015. We still remember and appreciate that!

I think I can say we all feel blessed to have such a great guy be so supportive in our community! 2 CrossFit comps down!! More to come. Thank you Chad Burks!

Chad Burks

Sales Consultant for Martin Brothers Distributing

Age: 40

I have been married to my beautiful wife Lindsey for 9 years. She pushes me every day to be a better, healthier person. We also have two wonderful children that keep us hopping. Hayden who is in the third grade and Charley who is our sassy little Preschooler.

I have been Crossfitting for two years. My favorite time to go to the box and Wod is at the 6:30 at night. I am not a morning person and that time schedule allows me to release the stress from the day.

My favorite lift has to be the Clean.

My favorite cardio has to be running.

My favorite body weight movement would be pull ups.

The shoes I like to wear working out would be my Superman nano’s.

Favorite Meal: Man I like to eat and try new foods. But my favorite food is Pizza. Canadian bacon and Pineapple.

The reason I started Crossfit was because I wanted to do something with my wife that was outside the norm. Something we could enjoy doing together. I keep going back because the trainers care about you and the members are like family.

My journey with Crossfit has been a little crazy. When I first started I wasn’t giving it my all. I decided to stop for a while and train for a half marathon. After I did that I decided to give it another try. I really could tell a difference. I won the 8 week Health challenge and then Scott Amos and I did a competition together. After that competition I was running on Christmas day and hurt my knee. I had to have knee surgery and I was out for 6 weeks. One thing I will say about that is when I went in to get the stitches out the doctor told me that if it wasn’t for Crossfit I would not be getting around so good so quickly. So that made me want to keep going and so I asked David Earney to do a competition with me this last weekend. We completed the competition and we were still alive.

My greatest accomplishments is getting through the WOD’s at the competitions. They are tough and you have to dig deep.

My advice to a new person starting Crossfit is to not worry about how fast some people get done with WOD’s. Just concentrate on yourself and doing things properly.

Goals: 6 months from now I would like to be able to do a muscle up and a good overhead squat

12 months I would like to do another competition and stand on the podium.



Favorite Quote: “How do you go from where you are to where you wanna be? And I think you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal. And you have to be willing to work for it.”

-Coach Jim Valvano