I get a little sentimental this time of year with JCCF because it is around our anniversary and everything really sinks in. We started out 8 miles down the road in a smaller box, and outside Jefferson City limits. We have come a long way, and for those that may  not know Dale Vaughan plays a part of that.
This is one of the most thoughtful write ups and interviews. And we can’t say enough how thankful we are to have you as part of our community!
Introducing the guy who has been know to wear shades in the workout!

Name: Dale Paul Vaughan

Occupation: Commercial / Residential Real Estate Sales & Lease Agent at Bowman Realty.  I also own Custom Mobile.  Cell Phone / Electronics Repair Company Age: 37 Family: Single Dad of a little mutt named Dakota Rae Vaughan aka Koda….. aka Kooder Tang How long have you been CrossFitting?: I want to say a month after you first opened…..Febraury or March 2013? What time do you come to WOD normally? 4:30 pm Favorite Lift: Deadlift Favorite Met Con/Cardio: Rowing Favorite Gymnastic/Body weight Movement: Muscle Ups (working on that)

Favorite Shoe to WOD in: Reebok CF.0021 (kevlar)

Favorite Meal: Cheat Meal? Chinese Food.  Diet Meal?  Anything with meat and Spaghetti Squash or Sweet Potato

Favorite Beverage: Cheat Beverage? Diet Coke.  Diet Beverage? Vanilla Flavored Protein Shakes in the morning (Blue Berries, Spinach, Banana & Protein Power)

Funniest memory at the box: When I was able to socialize in a more casual environment outside of CrossFit with other athletes and owners.  Thats when I really got to know people on a more personal level.  And they are all funny.


Tell us some about your journey, greatest accomplishments. Like what was your reason for starting, why you stuck with it? What makes you keep coming back?


Its been a great journey.  I feel privileged that I was able to help JC CrossFit find their first and second home.  I remember the first call I received from Sam Casey when he wanted to schedule a showing. I did’nt even know what CrossFit was at that time. Here are my notes:

“-Sam Casey called me today about the Warehouse & Office building at 5400 Bus. 50 West, Unit 3 owned by Greg Kolb.  I am showing it to him at 2:00 pm today. 10/26/12”

Being apart of the Start of JC CrossFit would be my greatest accomplishment.  Its been a pleasure to watch the business grow and thrive.  I truly feel JC CrossFit is the best in town and even across the country.  I have been in many CrossFit gyms ranging from Baltimore MD, several locations in Fort Worth & Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, Nashville TN & even Buenos Aires Argentina…….JC CrossFit has been the best I have seen and the most professional.


I first started because I felt it would be a great way to exercise and lose weight.  I needed something different & I was eager to learn what CrossFit was about.  I always lacked working my legs and back in the gym.  I also never really pushed myself very hard.  I stuck with it because of the people I meet and the owners.  Everyone is a big family and everyone tries to motivate the others to push themselves and do better.  I keep coming back because when I really make an effort to attend every week I feel great and it helps me in my everyday life.  When I feel better about myself….it affects my attitude, my self esteem and my performance in my business.  I also used to have back problems prior to CrossFit…..now I don’t.


If you could give any advice for a person new to CrossFit, what would it be?:

Don’t be intimidated.  People approach me and ask me questions about CrossFit all of the time.  They usually try to talk themselves out of joining because they “don’t want to get bulking” or “its bad on your body” or “it looks to hard” or “ ts too expensive”.  I have to remind people that nobody is going to make you work beyond your comfort level.  Yes CF will motivate you with goals……push you to go hard and to try your best.  In reality, you go at your own pace and comfort level.  Nobody will force you to do anything you are not comfortable with.  I am great at deadlift but horrible at Snatches.  I am NOT forced to go heavy by the coaches, but they want me to improve.  So instead of going heavy (outside of my comfort level) the coaches work more on technique.  Over time I improve.  I push myself harder with the motivation of others.


CrossFit is great for improving strength, but I feel CF is best for toning.  You can get bulky if you want but in reality the cardio alone will make you loose weight and give you great muscle tone.  Nobody has better “butts” than CrossFitters.  haha


CrossFit maybe expensive to some.  But if you were to hire a personal trainer for every day of the month….it would cost way more.  The group training is also another benefit…..its more fun to train with others than alone.  Seeing other athletes results is also great motivation.  The cost is also the reason I continually go.  I try to go 5 days a week……no since in wasting the money!!!!!  The price paid not only includes the personal training…..it also includes diet tips.  Other athletes & trainers constantly share meal preps & dieting secrets.  I’m constantly on the JC CF Facebook Page looking at peoples meals and getting inspiration to eat right.


Please list two future goals. 6 months and One year:

6 months:

Eat Right at least 6 days a week

When the Fitness Challenge


1 year:

Squat 300 lbs

Show up on time or early everytime


Favorite Quote:

“I’ll have to get back to you on that…..shit I am late!!!!!  damn it!”