Contemplation on goals. Bringing out the best in you.

In the most sincere way we can say it, Jefferson City CrossFit is made possible by the people that come through our doors. All in their different walks of life. I have been searching for the perfect words for this reflection of what has occurred over the last year at Jefferson City CrossFit. Somewhere along the line we adopted JCCF Nation as our title. We have grown from a membership of the four of us with a dream to open a gym to now around a fluctuating membership of 90.

Would we really be able to say we have had a good year? We have had an epic year. We all have a starting line. We all have to being our journey, but truth be told there is never a finish line. It is one constant flow of ‘what can we conquer next?’ The only way is up.

This was displayed in this last week’s competition at Tag Team Throwdown. This is written not just for them, but for every single one of you that walk through our doors. A few months back, someone told me a story that when we get older, past highschool and college sports and activiites, we tend to get away from making goals. We get our job, we get married, have children, and become settled. We tend to no longer make a 1 month goal, 1 year goal, and gosh forbid a 5 year goal. When you make goals, you strive for them. They are motivating and when you reach them, you yearn for more. Go ahead and remember a story where you didn’t feel on top of the world, when you conquered something you never thought possible. Or better yet, you reached your goal before your estimated time deadline and had a blast doing so.

CrossFit. That is what it does for every person that I have seen come in full grasp of it. I can promise if you show up 3 & 4 days a week, you will do the work, make goals for yourself, and you WILL become a better person for it. Mom, Dad, sibling, parent, employee. Your hard work will be rewarded in ways you have not felt before. Not only that, you will look in the mirror, smile at yourself, and probably do a lot more “selfies.” Your body will transform, and you won’t want to stop.

In all honestly, I am not sure that any one of the ten competitors this past weekend ever believed that they would do a CrossFit competition in their life.  Maybe in their dreams, quite possible. But I can tell you Jill Bruss, turning 42 next week has just now finished her 2nd competition and is begging for more.

JCCF nation is thankful. Thankful for our community inside and outside our doors. Cheers to infinity and beyond in our second year.