What do all these CrossFit abbreviations mean? Per popular demand :

WOD – Workout of the day

AMRAP – As many rounds as possible

AHAP – As heavy as possible

RFT – Rounds for time

ME – Maximum Effort

EMOM – Every minute on the minute

PR – Personal Record


AS – Air squat

FS – Front Squat

BS – Back Squat

OHS – Overhead Squat

SP- Strict Press

PP – Push Bress

PJ – Push Jerk

DL – Deadlift

SDHP -Sumo deadlift high pull

PC – Power clean

Snatch- Olympic lift from DL position to OHS squat land

High Hang-Barbell hangs at thighs

Hang- Barbell hangs above knees

WB -Wall balls

BJ- Box Jump

DU- Double Unders

HS – Handstand

HSPU – Handstand pushup

PU – Pushup

PU – Pull up

SU- Situp

Tabata – 20 sec work, 10 second rest

HB – Holy Buckets

Hero WOD – Workout of the day in honor of fallen solider

Lady WOD – Benchmark workout to track your success

BYE – Better than Yeterday

Boomsauce – when an athlete at JCCF does something amazing. It happens every class.