Come all to Jefferson City CrossFit on February 16, 2013 to workout for a cause. How often do you sign up for a 5K and the money goes to a some fundraiser? Here is your chance to do it CrossFit style. If you aren’t experienced in CrossFit, you are still welcome! Free to show up and support our athletes or participate. JCCF wants to fill our box and our hallways of people working out for CrossFit Hope for Kenya. Why because we “Get to!”

“CrossFit Inc., is involved and committed to making people’s lives better in the 250 square-mile rural area outside of Mombasa, Kenya. Education, food and water are three major areas the people of Kenya need the most help. We are creating realistic, self-sustaining solutions to everyday problems faced by Kenyans. CrossFit is providing opportunities for these people they otherwise would not have received. Through our affiliates’ efforts, this will manifest. We provide no handouts. Only through commitment and investment do we begin to help the people, which in turn creates a solution that stands strong for generations to come.” `CrossFit Inc.

Please respond to this post or message us on facebook to let us know how many of your family and friends and more plan to attend! Donations to Hope for Kenya are encouraged and welcome.