HALFWAY THROUGH! It has seemed quiet on the homefront. We are at DAY 15, going into a weekend. Keep it up!  Great job to everyone showing up at the box and working hard on eating clean and feeding your body the good fuel.

A couple reminders:

May 20th: Re-Test of Back Squat and Push Press

May 24th: Re-Test of WOD

First, Plan to be there! If for any reason, you can’t be there those days, then plan in that week, coming in to do the WOD(s) on Thursday the 23rd during regular class times for make up of either or both.

Please plan ahead to be at the box on these days so that you can get weighed, measured, and get your strength and WOD in.

We really appreciate your cooperation. Thank you! Who is excited about some Nano’s or iNNov8’s?!


***People have asked how to formulate their Wilks Coefficient. Here is the calculator we are using. Enter your gender, weight (at weigh in for challenge) and then the total weight lifted in lbs of your back squat and push press. You will find the calculator here.