The beginning of 8 week cycle on Pullups/Muscle ups

What is your goal?
MU Progression
3×8 False Grip on rings hollow to superman attempt to complete sets of 8 or two sets of 4 without losing false grip and ankles together
3×8 False Grip low Ring to Hip thrusts, Feet on 12" Box
3×8 Ring Turnovers, Banded or Not
Pullup/C2B/Bar MU
3×8 Hollow to Superman on Rig (engage scapula, ankles together)
3×8 Strict Chest2Bar Pullups
3×8 Hips To Bar or 3×8 PVC Pull down negatives with a band while holding hollow position
MU Proficiency
EMOM for 15 minutes, 1 Muscle up ankles together, holding hollow 2 Bar MU ankles together (Strict preferred)
7min AMRAP
Deadlifts 225/155
Handstand pushups