15 Minutes to work on Hang Snatch

IF technique is solid, go as heavy as possible.

If technique is not solid (ie, pressing out, dropping to a knee, pulling with arms, etc…) keep weight light and work on improving technique.  In weight lifting, there is no debate as to which comes first, awesome technique or heavy weight.  Technique comes first.  Do you honestly think that the world class lifters learned to lift a butt-load of weight with sloppy form, then cleaned up their technique?  Hell no.  Rock solid technique begets heavy weight.  That’s right, I just dropped the word “begets”.  The sloppy stuff will fly in most CrossFit competitions, but it has no place in our daily strength training.  That is all….


5 Rounds

Run 1 lap around building

20 HR Pushups

10 Front Rack BB Step ups 20″ (115/75) (thats 5 right leg, 5 left leg)