At Jefferson City CrossFit, we believe in a holistic approach. Dr. Brandon Johns, with Align Chiropractic, who is also a member at Jefferson City CrossFit, will be at our facility from 8-10am, SATURDAY, September 13th to offer Rock and kinesio tape again to any problem areas. A brief explanation is that the purpose of this tape is once applied it opens up blood flow to the muscles and which in turn helps in recovery of those muscles. ***PLEASE BE AWARE it is best to arrive 30 minutes prior to a workout, so that the tape has time to stick to the body before you start sweating. Most applications of tape when done in advance will remain in tact up to 4-6 days which promotes recovery even longer.

He will also be offering soft tissue work and injury assessments. Every individual has stabilizer muscles that contribute to our overall movements. Whether it be with a barbell, bodyweight, and even cardio movements such as running, jumping rope, or running. This is an opportunity, to have an assessment by Dr. Johns to see if you have any weaknesses that may be hindering your movement or may be of risk to cause a future injury.

The holistic approach we have at Jefferson City CrossFit includes hands on experienced trainers, nutrition guidance, and now injury assessments by a doctor. We often say, you must take care of your body outside of the box, just as much as you do inside the box. So, once again, JCCF is offering more tools to help you produce the “better than yesterday” version of you! And here is your chance because this is available to members only!