In lieu of Valentines Day month, we are offering a couple rate at 25% off for those “pairs” that sign up for OnRamp. What does that mean? Ummm…enormous savings of getting on the # 1 growing Fitness program in the world. It actually narrows down to $60 per person, but both people need to sign up together. Sometimes starting a new workout regimand can be scary. Having a friend, spouse, family member, or partner with you holding each other accountable is a perfect way to start. The added bonus is that the Feb OnRampers have the option to do a 30 day Fitness challenge with test, retest, nutrition guidelines, partner accountability, and as always an experienced CrossFit trainer to mentor you through. Act fast, we will have a limited number of openings and we already have others signed up to get started on their better than yesterday. STARTS February 6th. Email us at