What does CrossFit make you better at?

1) Playing with your children or grandchildren

2) Talking and laughing with your significant other that CrossFits with you (my legs are more sore than yours or I totally beat your time today) Talking and laughing with your significant other that doesn’t CrossFit with you, ‘yet’ (Complements on energy, body, self worth = spreading thus love to your partner)

2) Shoveling snow in the driveway

3) Running to your car to or from Walmart because it is -5 degrees out and you are freezing.

4) Running your first 5K

5) Picking up a 20lb bag of dog food, and walking your dog that just ate that dog food you bought

6)  Holding/Carrying your children or grandchildren

7) Playing high school, college, professional and intramural sports. Soccer, basketball, football, wrestling, volleball etc.

8) Eating Bacon

9) Sleeping through the night.

10) Waking up refreshed.

11) Smiling.

12) High-Fiving.

13) Burpees

14) Playing Dodgeball.

15) Looking a person in the eye when talking to them and shaking his or her hand.

16) Jumping.

17) Buttoning your Pants.

18) Posture

19) (Prioritize and get out the door on a hectic morning. (3, 2, 1 Go. In a 5 minute cut-off  I can feed the dog, let thus dog out,  turn the lights off, pack kids snacks, put my shoes on, direct children to put coats on, direct children to grab book bags,  grab my gym bag with 326 other items, load up the car, pull out of the driveway, close garage door, open garage door, run inside to grab phone, climb back in car, drive away, check rear view mirror to make sure garage door is closed, and then check your time.)

20) Living

Did you know that CrossFit is programmed to maximize your use of anaerobic energy  which increases aerobic energy that you use in everyday activities. It is done through threshold training with body weight or gymnastic movements, weight lifting, and cardioavascular and respiratory conditioning. It helps you become ‘better’ at those daily activities. CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity done in a group setting with a CrossFit Certified Trainer. Paying less than 1/4 of the cost of what a personal trainer would be. You have people working with you side by side, cheering you on, and holding you accountable. CrossFit makes you stronger, faster, and better than yesterday.

Come on by tomorrow starting at 9am to see a little bit of what Jefferson City CrossFit is all about.


9am: Free Class – Bring a friend, family member, all can participate

10:am: Free Pullup/Muscle Up and Movement Efficiency Clinic with Ben Frissel from CrossFit Fringe, whom has 7+ years of experience

10:am-Noon: Complimentary Chiropractic Spinal Checks performed by Dr. Ted C. Tang of Health Quest Physicians Group and Free Chair Massages performed by Susan Yee L.M.T

Maria will be available for any Nutrition questions as the 30 Day Fitness Challenge starts Feb 1, 2014.

******There is also the OGAR STRONG EVENT at CROSSFIT FRINGE in Columbia, MO that day which starts at 3pm. Several from JCCF will be travleing to support, and we great encourage attendance to such a positive event in the CrossFit community!