Hello JCCF Nation!  We’ve got a new week staring us down, lets get ready to conquer it!  We’ve got a little business matter we need to take care of.  You all know this is a very litigious society we live in.  We have so far avoided any issue, since we’ve got such a rock star community.  Unfortunately, other CrossFit boxes have not been so lucky, so we’ve got one more piece of paper for you to sign!  Here it is. We’ll also have a stack of them available at the box, in case you can’t print it out prior to coming in.  We need you to initial by each movement, acknowledging that you have been properly instructed in how to perform it correctly/safely.  This is very important, and we want you to be 100% honest.  If you are unsure of a movement(s), leave that one blank, and talk to one of the trainers ASAP.  As always, we’ll be in the gym approximately 15 minutes early, and are sometimes available for a few minutes after the WOD.  Now, we understand that NONE of us have perfect form for all of these movements (especially the snatch!).  This waiver is simply stating that you have been instructed how to do it safely, and understand that safety (especially perfect spinal alignment) comes way before adding weight to the bar.  Again, we need this done this week, preferably by Wednesday.  Maria says she penalizing people 120 burpees per day for those who don’t have it done by Friday….

Happy Monday!