Today will kick off our nutrition challenge!  Here’s what we’re doing:

Thruster – Establish 2 RM (No racks)


7 Min Clock

Row 500M

As many burpees onto a plate (25#, fully extended on the top, like a box jump) as possible in remainder of time.

As you know, this challenge will be scored.  The final score is about how much you improved, not about how well you performed in the wod compared to others.  You will be scored on inches lost, pounds lost, improvement on the 2RM thruster and improvement on the wod.  Your wod score is going to be the number of burpees completed, but you need to track your row time also.  Maybe the trainer can help with that.  The row times will be recorded to be used as a tie breaker if necessary (again, looking at improvement, not the fastest time).