It’s time for some heavy lifting!  CrossFit Total today and Saturday.  We are going to establish a 1RM in the Strict Press, Back Squat, and Deadlift.

Here’s how the Total works.  We will do the lifts in order, Strict Press, Back Squat, Deadlift.  You can warm up each lift however you want.  You will have 3 attempts (per lift) to establish a 1RM.  You must announce to your partners BEFORE attempt #1 that you are starting.  There will be no additional “warm ups” or “practice” lifts between any of your 3 attempts.  Once you announce that you are starting, the next 3 lifts are it.

We will start classes 15 minutes early (with the exception of the 5am, that one will just run a little late).  We will do just a little bit of stretching before hitting the weights.  You need to be 100% ready to go at 15 minutes before the normally scheduled time.  If you can’t make it in early, you have 2 options.  1 – Do the total on Saturday. 2 – If you are ok with not having a “legal” total, and just want to lift some heavy stuff, you can just skip the strict press.  It just takes longer than 60 minutes to get a good total in.  You will be with a group of fellow bad-asses who’s max weights will be in the same general range as yours (within 100 pounds or so).  Take appropriate rest, and use those spotters on the Back Squat.

Again, we are doing this on Saturday morning also (for the 9am class).  This is a time and equipment intensive workout, and we really want everyone to hit their max potential, so we are taking the time to do it right.  I feel like I shouldn’t need to say this, but am going to anyways.  If you do this on Friday, you CANNOT do it again on Saturday.

Lastly, we are about halfway through the nutrition challenge.  Let the trainer know if you want to get weighed and measured to check on your progress.  We can probably fit it in between sets.