JCCF Doors closed effective 3/18/20. We are doing our part to flatten the curve of COVID 19. And we don’t want to leave any misunderstandings that we are still open for classes.

We have put a process in place for our membership currently and communicate with them through several lines.

Pictures and media posted are all from PREVIOUS classes.

And being that I( Maria) have literally 983,456 Videos and pictures in my camera…. Well, the videos and pictures will keep coming. Our passion for CrossFit, wellness, nutrition, and growth mindset will continue. Motivation or pick me up at a time you may need it most.

Still Open as a CrossFit gym. And have loaned equipment to Membership that are in need. We are offering live ONLINE classes to membership. Also offering ONLINE coaching to those that are in need. Established in 2012 and still open for business, accepting new members.

Opening as soon as we are in the clear. Watch FaceBook and Instagram for updates.

Email us at JeffersonCityCrossFit@Gmail.com for updates, new membership information, and how to get involved with a growth mindset CrossFit community.

-Online Coaching and Successful Programming.

  • SugarWod Tracking
  • Nutrition Guidance with accountability groups
  • Online classes.
  • Facebook live CrossFit classes
  • Facebook live Yoga Mobility classes
  • JCCF Weekly Newlsetters

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SUNDAYS online Yoga Mobility. Times announced on SugarWOD

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