Welcome to JCCF Regionals! We have had an overwhelming response and can’t wait for everyone to come and see how far they have come performing the benchmark WOD “Jackie.” Here you will see your heats to be able to plan for the morning. It would be great if everyone could arrive no later than 8:30. There will be hip/shoulder mobility and a warm up written on the whiteboard. The heats will run on both sides of the gym next to the pullup rigs. The center space will be for the completed double unders. I will apologize in advance that we are taking “Annie” off the agenda for the morning per JCCF”s Coaches review. Safety is first.

Warm up and mobility can be done in unoccupied areas. Barbells and rowers will be set. When you arrive please check with Maria to get marked for your heat. Heats will start on a running clock counting up. Please see time to the right of your heat of when you will start. Which means you are warmed up and ready to go on the  selected rower when the “Red Clock” hits that minute.

The first heat will start at 9am. So please be ready!

Heat 1 : Jake, Louis, Sam, Travis, Scott                              0:00

Heat 2: Terressa, Wonder Marion, Natalie, Kelsey        6:00

Heat 3: Kevin, Brittany B, Clayton, Noah, Katie            12:00

Heat 4:  Jen Y., Jen S., Nikki, Lacy, Jessi                          18:00

Heat 5: Joanna,  Jen H.,  Shirley, Suzette, Mindy         24:00


RX:  1000 MR, 50 Thrusters 45/25, 30 Pullups

Scale 1: 750 MR, 35 Thrusters 45/25, 20 Pullups

Scale 2: 500 MR, 25 Thrusters 35/15, 15 pullups

Rest two minutes: with a cashout of as many double unders you can get in two minutes.

Scores will be your Jackie time and # of Double Unders!

If you don’t see your name on the Heats, please message us on FB! If you want to come watch this awesomeness unfold, please come on out!  There is nothing better than pushing yourself beyond your limits with a cheering section behind you. Bring it to the box!