2 Rep – 3 Position Clean (power, hang, floor) + 1 Jerk.  Work to a max for the day

*without putting bar down, do a 3 position clean, followed by 1 Jerk.  Lower the bar to waist, and repeat 1 more time.


21 Power Clean (135/95)

10 T2B

21 OHS (same weight)

15 Power Clean

10 T2B

15 OHS

9 Power Clean

10 T2B


*It is very important to scale appropriately.  If your 1 RM OHS is 185#, you don’t attempt to do 135# in this wod.  Use Prelepins chart to help find an appropriate weight.  If you have major mobility issues preventing you from doing any weight in OHS, do front squats instead.