Be prepared to honor the fallen tomorrow.  Think of that as you continue through each rep and each movement. We are blessed, and we get to do these workouts together.  We will be doing the “Prescott 19”, created by 5-5-5 Fitness.  There is 1 movement for every fallen firefighter, and the number of reps is equal to that firefighters age.


Prescott 19

29 Air Squats – Andrew Ashcraft

21 Burpees – Grant McKee

23 Pull Ups – Robert Caldwell

43 Double Unders – Eric Marsh

30 KB Swings (53/35) – Christopher MacKenzie

23 Toes to Bar – Anthony Rose

28 Box Jumps (24/20) – Scott Norris

28 Wallballs (20/14) – Clayton Whitted

24 HR Pushups – Dustin DeFord

26 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (53/35) – Sean Misner

27 Situps – Garret Zuppiger

31 Goblet Squats – Travis Carter

21 Ring Dips – Kevin Woyjeck

27 Ground to Overhead (55/35) – Travis Turbyfill

36 Lunges – Jesse Steed

22 HR Pushups – Wade Parker

32 Calorie Row – Joe Thurston

25 V-Ups – William Warneke

24 One arm KB Push Press (12 per side) – John Percin


Prescott 19


“For the Prescott Fire Department Granite Mountain Hotshots:

Pick up your shovels boys there’s smoke in the air,
Lightning has struck and they need us there.

Into the trucks and gear, fire knows not the cost,
If it’s not stopped, innocent lives will be lost.

The fire is running and there’s no time to spare,
Dig that line and drag that hose, bring all forces to bear.

But, the wind’s come up and something is wrong,
Run boys, run, that fire is too strong!

Pull off your packs and into your shelters,
Pray for our children and for their mothers.

The fire has passed and so have we.
Into the wind like the smoke through the trees.

After they stop that fire they call Yarnell Hill,
Our brothers will honor us and drink toasts to their fill.

We’re joining our brothers in a legendary crew.
If others join us tomorrow, please let them be few.”

– Matt Greenhalgh