We’d like to give a big JCCF shoutout to Krista, our July MVP!  Krista frequents our 9am WOD, almost always with her partner in crime, Jen RN.  She’s always excited to be there, never complains, and always gives 100%.  Krista has made incredible progress in the last few months, and we’re super excited to see where she’ll be in a few more!!!

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Age: 29

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Family: Parents – Mike and Jeannette, Brothers – Brian, Kyle, and Luke, Boyfriend – Adam.

Favorite CrossFit movement or lift: Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift

Favorite WOD: “Grace”

Why do you do CrossFit: I like the challenge and the variety of workouts, everyday is something new and challenging.  It is exciting to see how much more I can lift now than when I started.

Two CF Goals: One unassisted pullup, and be able to complete “Murph”.

Advice to a newcomer: Prepare to be addicted!  Best decision you will ever make for yourself.

Favorite CrossFit shoes: I have never tried any, so I don’t know.

Clean and Jerk or Back Squat and why: Clean and Jerk because it is more of a challenge for me. It is a lift I hadn’t done prior to starting CrossFit and I am still working on mastering it.

Pullups or Pushups and why: Pullups, because I never thought I would be able to do one and now I am determined to be able to do them!

Favorite CrossFit saying: CrossFit – making a new muscle sore everyday!

What is one thing that a person who knows you may not know about you: “I am easy going but I do like to be “right”.

Favorite Beverage: Water.  If I am partying Bud Light.

Favorite Meal: Homemade taco salad or just tacos.

Inspiration: My mom, she is the most hard working and kind hearted person.  She has taught me so much, she continues to be a role model for me everyday.  She is and amazing mother and friend.

Favorite Quote: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” – Dr. Seuss