Reminder on Saturday, March 14 we will not be having a daily WOD or Open Gym. We are hosting the OnBalance Seminar with Elisabeth Akinwale for the day. We still have a few openings to fill. Get in while you still can.

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On March 15, from 3 to 330, Liz from Happy Hollow Farms is coming to talk to our gym about doing produce/egg packages for purchase and pick up every week at our gym during spring and summer.  How awesome to have fresh homegrown seasonal produce delivered every week to you at the gym?! Everyone is welcome to attend to learn more about it.

March 9, 2015

WOD then Lift

800 Meter run, 2min ME burpees, 1min me dus, 200 meter run.


Back Squat (based on 1rm squat): 1×3@70%, 1×3@80%, 2×3@85%, 1×3@75% – rest exactly 90 seconds