Here is a little bio of “Hope For Hayden”

Hayden is the sweet 3-year-old son of Jen and Dusty Backes from Bonnots Mill, Mo. Hayden loves basketball (especially his local Fatima Comets) and tractors. He was first diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis in October 2012. In February 2013, Hayden had an MRI of his brain. Little did they know, the results of that MRI would forever change their lives. The MRI showed Hayden has 2 tumors, one deep in his brain, and another on his optic nerve. Unfortunantly, due to their location, the tumors cannot be removed surgically. He had surgery on February 15th and again on the 18th to place a shunt to drain fluid off of his brain and to do a biopsy of the tumors. Hayden was released from the hospital on the 19th, and has now been diagnosed with a Pilocytic Astrocytoma and an Optic Glioma. Currently the cancerous tumor is slow growing but can become more aggresive and has the potential to spread to the other parts of his brain. Since the tumor is inoperable, doctors believe the best treatment to be chemotherapy. Even if the chemo is successful, Hayden and his parents have a long road ahead. You can keep up with Hayden’s story at

JUST A REMINDER! For all of those running in the Hayden Backes 5K. There are forms at the box. Registration at the airport starts at 7am. Race is at 8am. We may be done in time for the 9am WOD or 10am Open Gym!! I believe it is $25 for early registration.

Make checks out to: Hayden Backes Benefit Fund
Mail registration form and payment to: Karen Holterman 6418 Village Rd Jefferson City, MO 65101

 Looking forward to running with JCCF Nation for a great cause!