What is it that keeps us coming back? That moment you walk into the box and you smile at any given person because every single one of them is welcoming. And every time you enter the box, you’re given an opportunity to better yourself, to go somewhere you didn’t think was possible and to do something that scares the boyang (Maria-ism) out of you. The box is the perfect place to compete against yourself and flirt with your comfort zone. You are a bad mamma jamma just by showing up. A Mom, Dad, Teacher, Nurse, Student, Student, IT, Auditor, Salesman, HR Rep…etc. The blended community I can continue on.. Where people join each other from all walks of life to gulp as the Red Clock counts down…3, 2, 1 Go! 

Because in 20 minutes or less, maybe even 5, you are going to hit a euphoria reminding yourself that you once again stepped out of that comfortable box and took one more giant step towards conquering every goal of your fitness journey! Your gonna cheer on the person to your left. Your going to high-five the person to your right. Because we are all here together forming our very own -"Better than Yesterday."

May 31, 2017

Push Jerk 2×5 AHAP
Kettle Bell forward Front Rack Lunges 53/35, (stationary)
Sit Ups
*= Run 200