Travis Milne - MAY MVP

Our very own Travis Milne is the MAY MVP of Jefferson City CrossFit. This guy has been with us since the beginning. WODing with the owners at the local YMCA before we had keys to our own place. Sweeping and mopping floors to help us get the place ready. Him and his father even had something to do with delivery of the flooring. Great all around guy and always sharing encouraging words to the other members. You know his face because he is there three times a week plus. Travis, we have seen you since the beginning and you have come a long way.  We are very proud to have you as part of our family at JCCF! Looking forward to many awesome times ahead!

Name: Travis Milne    
Age: 28          
Occupation: Utilization Review for Xerox
Family- Wife/children?: Married to Kaitlyn, the love of my life since sophomore year in high school, married 5 years in Sept. We have one son, Carter Benjamin, his smile brings only the joy a parent knows.
Date of Birth: 02/22/1985
One thing you admire about your wife: She works her butt off, not like we do in the gym (though she does that too when I’m training her at home) but on a daily basis, she goes non-stop like most mothers know, she’s always there for Carter with what seems like unlimited patience. While still finding time for family (extended and all), helping with house chores all while sleep deprived, sore, or not feeling good.
Favorite WOD: Any Chipper
Favoriet WOD Shoe: Right now they’re my New Balance Minimus, but I’ve got my eye on some Innov8’s! Favorite CF Movement: Every new day, we are a family here, I’ve come to admire and respect all the people who join in on this torture. If I had to narrow it more, I would say every time I get better at a lift, find better form, recently found in my Deadlift and Powerclean, which still needs a lot of work I feel like. And hit a new PR, which with this programing seems to be at least once a week!
Power Clean or Deadlift and Why: Um’ like previously stated, I need to work on both. But because I feel like Deadlift is a foundation to picking up anything, which we do often, that would have to be my favorite.
Push Jerk or OverHead Squat and Why: Overhead squat, its what’s going to help perfect my squat (if that’s ever possible), keeping me more upright in my squats, and developing my core. It’s what builds abs!
Favorite Meal: Um.. this is hard simply because I like food… Meat particularly, a slow cooked brisket, fresh salmon cooked or smoked, shrimp, scallops, steak, pork steak, ribs, chicken, and or course BACON! I think you could wrap any of that in bacon and I would like it more.
Favorite Beverage: Milk, pretty sure I could drink an entire gallon in one sitting, but I’ve been trying to give it up…  
Favorite flavor of Protein Powder: Chocolate, though I haven’t used a protein powder in years since I would much rather eat my protein.
Fran Time: Pretty sure my last time on this was 7:34, but I don’t have my book on me
Karen Time: It was in the 9 min range, pretty sure my legs hurt for 2 days after that.
Top Three Goals at JCCF: Lift with better form, squat 315, and do a muscle up.
What is the advice you would give to a newcomer at JCCF or CrossFit?: Any new comer has the most courage of anyone there, you see what we do, and it can be demoralizing, you may think you’ll never be there, but all you have to do is keep showing up and let the trainers push you. Even if you only give it 80% that day you will still be better than yesterday, and that’s one step closer to a better you.
Hobby besides WODs: I’m usually up for anything, I like a lot of sports, probably my most embarrassing is I’m a closet nerd, I love to play video games on the computer.
What is one thing that someone that knows you personally may not know about you?: My wife knows this about me but not many others, I don’t know very well how to convey emotion, excitement, concern, sadness or joy. I’ve been in excruciating pain with a smile on my face and laughing… It even throws me off sometimes and I don’t understand it. 
Favorite Movie: Fired Up, Super Troopers, Talladega Nights
Favorite Movie Star and Why: This may be too hard to pick a single one, as I like so many genres of movies, comedy mostly, but I feel there are a lot of great actors out there
Favorite CrossFit Athlete: Annie Thorisdottir, I kind of have a thing for red heads
Favortie Quote: “When a man says he cannot, he has made a suggestion to himself, he has weakened his power of accomplishing that which otherwise would have been accomplished” – Muhammad Ali