Meet Chad Burks. Yesterday after talking some at Open Gym, he sent me the before and after picture of CrossFit with JCCF. Showing up is the first step, hard work is the second. Chad is proof it pays off. Thank you for being a part of our Community Chad!

What has CrossFit done for me? 

At my heaviest (see pic from 2009), I weighed about 215lbs.  I was in a job I didn’t like that was full of stress.  My eating habits were horrible and I made no time for exercise.  I wasn’t happy with myself.  My mom is in poor health and I didn’t want to end up like her.  So, I started running for exercise.  And, I enjoyed running and started dropping some weight…but still wasn’t completely happy.  I completed my first half-marathon in 2012.  Fast forward a year later and I was back up to about 210lbs.  I had just recovered from a knee surgery and wasn’t very active.

I started OnRamp in September 2013.  I wasn’t sure about it, but joined with my wife.  It was a lot to learn at first and a bit overwhelming.  And, I’ll admit…I was skeptical.  I mean, it seemed like everything we did involved squats of some kind…and I was interested in building my upper body strength.

So, I took a break to try and lift on my own and train for my second half-marathon.  In the meantime, Lindsey was continuing her time in the box…and loving it…and getting stronger.  I could tell it was something she was passionate about…and I remember Maria telling us early on that couples that CrossFit together, stay together!  So, in July I joined back up.

We started the fitness and nutrition challenge about that same time…and everything started coming together.  I was eating right, putting time in at the box….and seeing results!!  I lost 12lbs in 8 weeks, and made huge gains in my strength!  I was hooked….and I continue to put time in at the box and continue to make gains.  JCCF isn’t just a gym.  It is a community of knowledgeable coaches, who give you the tools to succeed.

Today, I am about 185lbs (see pic from today!), happy with where I am, but still have goals to meet.

Rich Froning watch out…I’m coming for you!

Chad Burks