The first open gym today with several members was incredible. They were able to acquaint themselves with the space and equipment. We found with quadrupling our space, it may be best to give a little introduction to our current and future members.

The great news is when you come in early for a class we have lots of room for mobility in the front room where it is carpeted. The black mats will be designated for the class working out at hand. We have placed rollers, lacrosse balls, and pvc pipes there for use. Tomorrow or the first day you are in, you are welcome to walk around to see where all the equipment is placed and where you will need to claim it when time for a WOD. Please just be aware of any regular class or CF kids class that may be going on at the same time and stay out of the way. CrossFit Kids’ and Teen Classes’ will be using the right half of the space.

The bathrooms are to the left when you walk in, and there is a designated men and women’s. We have more than doubled the cubby space, so please find a “home.” The white boards are located next to the rowers on the wall. There is more seating, a couch for comfort, and a shelf that is great to place your items on.

Children’s Area:

The children’s room is walled off to the side by the amazing mural Janelle Harris did for us. It is carpeted, has lots of toys, a TV vcr, and room for play. We do plan to put arrows down the walkway for the children, so when they are in need of a bathroom break, just let them know to follow the arrows.  This will hopefully be a better guide for the little ones. It is important that every adult that brings children to class while they work out to let their children know that they must play in the designated area. The same safety rules apply, and at any time if you need to attend to your child during class, please do so.  They must at all times stay off equipment and off the WOD space.

Tomorrow is a new month. Please pay by the first of the month that you are in the facility. If you are unable to physically bring payment please make sure to do it the first time you are in, or complete a direct withdrawal form and turn into Sam, Jake, Natalie or Maria. We truly appreciate your cooperation with making payments in a timely manner.

Now, to the VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! GET IN THE BOX! BE EPIC! WORK HARD! HAVE FUN! AND RING THAT PR BELL! Thank you to our community for allowing us to continue to build our dream!