Hey JCCF Nation, got an important announcement for you.  As our community grows, we need to make adjustments to help things run smoothly.  We want to focus our energy on training and helping everyone to become more often, and spend less time doing “book work.”  Starting March 1, all members will need to be on an automatic payment plan.  We are currently working on getting a new credit card payment processor set up, which will allow you to have your dues automatically charged to your card every month.  Your other option is to have it automatically taken out of your checking account (ACH).  If you currently have ACH set up on your checking account, you don’t need to do anything.  If you want to set up a new ACH from your checking account, we have a form on the counter at the gym.  In the next couple days, everyone should get an email from RhinoFit, allowing you to enter your credit card info.  Again, this email will go out to everyone.  If you have, or will have ACH, you can ignore the email.  If you want to go the credit card route, and haven’t received an email by Wednesday, please send an email to jeffersoncitycrossfit@gmail.com, attention Jake.  Your credit card or checking account will not be charged until the 1st of March, but we need all info submitted by the 25th of February.  Thank you all!