Why does Jefferson City CrossFit incorporate strength and Olympic lifting sessions in their daily workout programming? Why does it seem we have a strength bias? We are training you to do one thing. Live quality and live longer.

CrossFit is high intensity, constantly varied functional movement. At JCCF we understand that you are going to be asked to do 45 weighted thrusters in a Conditioning WOD. We understand that you may even be asked to do 100 pullups or 50 Handstand pushups. And then run 1 mile. We understand that you are asked to Deadlift heavy weight 45+ times in perfect form. We understand you may be asked to do 30 Weighted Clean and Jerks for time.


So, when we are programming 5 sets of 5 of Back Squat increasing weight each week or 5 sets of 3 of  Deadlift increasing weight, or a barbell complex that includes a snatch, power clean, front squat and overhead squat in beautiful stature. Or even a set of 5-3-3-1-1-1 of Press and Push Press. Know this one thing. We are preparing you for that conditioning WOD of the day. Whether you realize this one thing or not, we are preparing you to PR your “Grace”. PR your “Fran”. PR your 400 time. PR your “Nancy”.  We are preparing you to PR your life.


Strength is important. Fact: Stronger people live longer than weak people. Make your life EPIC. www.JeffersonCityCrossFit.com. Next OnRamp starts July 11, 2013. Get your spot today.