A.) 4X10 Alt Shoulder Taps

B.) From a pike position on a box, walk on your hands 360 degrees around the box. 5 clockwise, 5 counter clockwise.

*rest as needed on both of these. Do not make more than one revolution around the box without rest.


With a Partner
Complete the following for time:

2000m Row
50 goblet squats (70/53)
400m Run together (do not move on to next element until both are back from run)
40 KBS (70/53)
200 DU (400 singles)
30 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (70/53)
30 Burpees each
*Split row, goblet squats, KBS, SDLHP, and DU with your partner. Apportion reps however you wish.
**1 KB for all movements for both partners.