Excitement comes from achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey. Is there a time in your life that you look back, and you have the feeling of joy reminiscing on the hard work you put in for that achievement? It’s not the actual achievement but often the points leading up to that achievement.

The promotion. The Win. The goal met. The 5lbs lost. The new smaller pants you are wearing. What about how you are feeling? The quality time you have invested with your family?

A hashtag we use, and that CrossFit uses is #FightingDiseaseDaily. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, and even Suicide. These are on the list of the Top Ten Killers in America, in 2015. These didn’t happen overnight, and they aren’t getting better. If you think, you have read this one before you haven’t so keep going.

“This is America. This is what is killing us. And so many of these deaths can be prevented with proper nutrition and exercise- by getting off the carbs, and off the couch.” CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman.

This is what we do at Jefferson City CrossFit, work as a community to make ourselves better. To spread this health, and lifestyle to our children, so that one day at a time, we can make a difference. Should we be passionate about it? Yes. Should this be taken lightly? Your action is your answer. I want my children to live a quality of life that I have the opportunity to work towards, maybe even better.

We are arriving at the 30 day mark of the Whole Food 30 challenge. We had a small group sign up this time, and the feedback, the steps in their journey are inspiring. We are all looking forward to the results, but I think most of them can agree that the journey has been the most rewarding. Not to mention all the great recipes shared from homemade ranch, to chicken lo mein, breakfast casseroles, Shepard pie, and even chili dogs! And the greatest part is the learned value that we have the opportunity to carry this forward.  Read some of the feedback of our participants.

I’ve felt great! I’ve lost weight and inches because my shorts fit so different now. Yay!! My stomach is never upset anymore either, and I’m never bloated after I eat. I have way more energy throughout the day, and I used to have pain in my knee, and that hasn’t happened since we started eating this way.” Brie Stark

“I think one of the biggest changes I’ve continued to notice is my joints – less pain, less inflammation in my knees. I have lost a little weight, although not a ton, most likely because of fruit, and the muscle gains! However, my clothes are fitting better, and I think I lost some inches. My digestion has improved as well. Lastly, it’s helped me to be more consistently be at the 5am classes. Definitely, good habits formed. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be, and we’ve enjoyed some new meals as a family we wouldn’t have normally tried.” “Opt for ultimate over immediate” – Nathan Tuley

“I also am loving the results of Whole30. My joints have been feeling a lot better, and I love not being bloated. I have learned so much just surprised by different things that contain hidden sugars.” Erin Eggen

“This challenge has taught me that I dont’ need to follow this fad diet or that fad plan, just eat whole, natural foods. It’s that simple. That’s what our bodies need. This past 20 days I’ve seen the benefits from following this simple idea. I’m not achy, I sleep really well, I’m not tired, I’m not craving sugar and my taste buds LOVE the taste of sweet fruit. I feel better than ever and it’s simple. This is changings lives and changing families. It’s just so exciting. It just feels so good to feel physically this good! It’s sad that so many people are missing out on feeling good.”  Jill West

“Home from vacation. I am so glad I went into this trip prepared. I had my almonds and pistachios when there was not options at family events. I feel less bloated and lighter. Traveling for work, and motivated to Finish Strong!” Jared Kesel

“The first two days, I was having headaches due to lack of caffeine in my sweet tea. I have been writing a “why” on my daily post it notes to remind me of the goals, and WHY I want to finish this challenge. The Why matters”. Sheila Rustemeyer

“My boyfriend is doing this with me and he’s already lost 8lbs. Pretty amazing.” Carmen Blaise

The only way is up.