Partner Accountability:  Get in touch with your partners. I tried to seperate people by class times so it is easier to check in with each other.
Here goes: May the hardest working woman or man win!

Jake, Kyle V.

Kevin M. Tyler L.

Mike B., Shane C.

Zach H., Nathan T.

Zack L., Josh O.

John B., Dale V.

Sam C., Larry M.

Paddy, Andy C., Steven

Katrina K., Rachael M

Terressa, Janelle

Krista B, Chris W

Jen RN, Carla K.

Erin W., Amber G

Michelle K., Rachelle Z.

Sami L., Jen Y,. Afton

Nikki H., Tina P, Rachel M.

Shirley F., Michelle P

Natalie M. Natalie C.

Cindy, Donna, Maria