It is true we have a great group of people working toward a better staple of fitness in this challenge.

Another component is dividing people into teams for accountability. Sometimes when you find yourself giving in, some motivation from a teammate helps you power through. Just as we see in our daily workouts, striving together.

Listed below are the assigned partners/teams. Get in touch with each other. Phone or email. Check up on each other and maybe even WOD with each other or share recipes. Help each other work towards fitness. Don’t be afraid to call each other out. Let’s get busy. 7 Weeks to go. Training partners are proven to help athletes excel. Use this to your advantage.

Lindsey B., Sarah M.

Madeline K., Erin R.

Zach Harris, Jake Holee

Mike Backes, Zack Lauf, Nathan Tuley,

Jen McKinney, Terressa S.

Patty B., Mindy Roling

David E., Jeff S.

Rachael Marler, Loni

Larry M, Nathan Jobe

Maria , Shirley F.

Sammi, Jaimee B. Rachel Marion

Natalie C. ,Kristen Bexten

Krista B. Chris Weber

Heather J. Michelle Kasak

Ryann R., Janelle H.

Chad B., Scott Amos

Steven Hoffman, Kyle V.