Why doesn’t everyone in Jefferson City do CrossFit with JCCF?

I ask myself this question on a daily basis. Every day after getting off from my day job, I walk in to one big box of space and see smiling and determined faces. I see them grow with us from the very beginning OnRamp class to the 6thmonth or even year that they have been working at PRing their life. We workout with them, we train with them, dance with them, and even possibly Coach Sam plays a little air guitar with them. A common phrase I use is the “only one way is up.” I have yet to find a lift or a movement that I or any member can’t become better at. It is the same with life, I have yet to find a role in my life that I can’t work and aim to be better at. Mother, Spouse, Employee, sibling, Daughter.  A gym that literally thrives on bettering yourself.

There are times I hold my passion in about CrossFit. Why would I even do this?! I watched a video on Jon North the other day, a very successful strong willed weightlifter that holds many titles. He speaks his mind, and he opened my eyes about speaking about your passion. Some may think you are crazy, but when any one person speaks about their passion, it’s because they believe in it. I have never felt so ridiculously strong hearted about anything. CrossFit works. And I am extremely biased to Jefferson City CrossFit and their trainers! Seriously, don’t knock it, till you at least try it. Number one, the first class is free, so you can’t tell me it’s the money.

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, done at high intensity. CrossFit was created to make a person engulf fitness. For the weightlifters, we lift weights, (almost every day). For the runners, we run. For the “insanity and P90X” believers, we do body weight or as we like to call them ‘Gymnastic’ movements.  We do it all in one constantly varied class to train you for life. I read an article probably around a year ago about how when an adult starts to settle in life, graduate school, finds their first job, become married, finds their significant other, or have children they  tend to stop making goals for themselves as individuals. At that point you limit yourself for what is to come. Make a goal and reach for it. Find your passion.

Our trainers all have experience and certifications in CrossFit, but we also have certifications in weightlifting and gymnastics. We have gone to seminars to study movements in strongman, powerlifting, the effects of strength on fitness, teaching us the importance of mobility to your outside world, and even as simple as jumping rope. We are getting ready to host a seminar with Donny Shankle, 5 Time National Champion Weighlifter, just so we can learn more that we can carry over into our CrossFit classes.

Jefferson City CrossFit is a community like nothing you may have yet to experience. The closest may be when you were involved in high school, intramural sports.  It’s a community of people striving to do the same thing you are. Get fit. We all have our reasons. Some may be to look good in a swimsuit, fit into a pair of jeans, feel better, sleep better, you have a wedding. Some do, it because they just went to their doctor and their doctor said, you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, on the verge of diabetes. And they decide that it’s time to pull their act together and start living a quality life, so they can play with their grandchildren one day.  To each their own. If something works for you, I cannot judge, but you can’t fault a person for wanting you to try the #1 growing sport in the world. This is a sport that teaches you hard work and quality of life.

Lastly and most importantly our trainers, and owners are most thankful for the individuals that walk through our doors day in and out. It is because of you that what once was a dream is now a reality for us. We have a growing membership, and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about all of you individually. We are so proud of everyone as you push yourself out of your comfort zone, from trying your first CrossFit Open, to first CrossFit competition. To just showing up 3+ days a week. Keep putting smiles on our faces and lifting us up.

Coach Maria