Remember that time JCCF Nation went to battle together? The memories of Friday days and nights at Jefferson City CrossFit during the CrossFit OPEN are EPIC!

And registration for the CrossFit Open has begun:

You can sign up HERE!

Everyone at JCCF can participate. And there is now a scaled division to compete in for those that may have been on the fence last year. We have found over the past few years, the CrossFit Open has allowed our membership to compete against themselves and others in a way that they may not have experienced before. We will be doing all of the CrossFit Open WODs during regular class times the Friday following when they are announced on these dates:

February 27, 2015

March 6, 2015

March 13, 2015

March 20, 2015

March 27, 2015

We have a Facebook Page designated specifically to those signed up for the open, that includes who is judging and requests for certain class times when you need a judge available. It worked well last year, and if you aren’t able to view it yet, please notify us by email.

**If you are a member from out of town and  belong to another box but wish to be judged at JCCF, you are welcome to give us a shout by email at to make sure there is a judge available for you that Friday.

Register for Judges Course: here. Sam, Jake, Natalie, and Maria will all be certified Judges for the OPEN. We strongly encourage others to sign up to be a judge also. It not only allows you to learn standards of what might be thrown at you in the Open, but it also allows everyone that signs up the ability to have a judge, keep score, and run smooth. It is a requirement to have a “certified” judge take your reps/score/time during the WOD.

See you at the box! Deeds Not Words!