“No matter what skill you set out to learn, the pattern is always the same: See the whole thing. Break it down to its simplest elements. Put it back together. Repeat.” Daniel Coyle, Author of The Little Book of Talent.
7 rounds Every 1:30,
1 Hang Snatch (above knee) + 1 low Hang Snatch (3″ from floor) + 1 Touch n Go Snatch “
*work to maximal/technical complex of day, if you miss drop 10% and complete.
2 Minutes ME Dumbbell Snatches
Rest 2 minutes
2 Minutes ME DBell OHS (one Dumbbell, 5 reps per arm each time)
Rest 2 minutes
2 Minutes ME Single Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk (5 reps per arm before alternating)
Rest 2 minutes
2 Min ME Dumbbell Single Arm Over Head stationary lunges