Labor Day is here! We are starting a new strength cycle.  We’ll be doing a fun FS/BS combo, Power Cleans and Snatches to begin with, and other fun stuff.  Every 4th week will be a deload week.  As always, stick to the prescribed weights!  It is very important for the rest of your body (CNS, connective tissue, etc) to have time to catch up to the mad GAINZ your muscles will be making.  Also, a lot of our cleans and snatches will be based on a percentage of your 1rm.  We will usually end the strength session with a max effort set.  Again, stick to the prescribed weights!  Whats that?  Feeling super on point, and weights feel super light?  Awesome.  Do the prescribed weight, and then freaking destroy the max effort set.  Again, all in the name of GAINZ.

I want to share this excerpt from “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard.

“It is time to remind ourselves that today’s thoughts and actions become our legacy. When we forget this or lie to ourselves thinking our actions do not matter, we have permission to act as momentary buffoons. We let ourselves break, just this once, from our values. We cheat, just this once. We lie, just this once. We put off the hard task, just this once. We skip the workout, just this week. We take the drink, just one more. And soon we find that each of these little breaks in our will leads to another, and then to a lifetime of compromise and regret. Without vigilance, what is right and strong about the human spirit can be whittled away and broken forever.”

Don’t cheat yourself out of greatness!


3 Sets – Front Squat/Back Squat

7/13 @ 65% of 1RM Front Squat


a fun wod.

Remember, the gym will be open from 9-11, and we will run classes starting at 9 and 10.